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Old Tutorial OnLine: e-Books and Tutorials - Manuals, Articles, How-Tos, Works and Presentations in the area of I.T.: Office Applications, Internet, Utilities, Audio & Video, Hardware, Electronic, Software Engineering, Visual Programming, DBMS, Operating Systems, Networks, Artificial Intelligence


Hardwares & Peripherals - Audio, Cameras, Computers, Copiers, Graphics Accelerators, Graphics Stations, Handhelds, Flash Memories, Modules, Microprocessors, Modems, Monitors, Motherboards, Multimedia Accessories, Networking, Printers, Scanners, Servers, Storages CD DVD, Telephony


Softwares & Downloads - Graphics Applications, Databases DBMSs, Operating Systems, Utilities and Tools for Network, Internet, Intranet & Extranet, Office Packages, Spread Sheet, Word Processor and Text Editor, Integrated Development Environment, Compilers, Compression Utility, Players


Linux, Unix & BSD Operating Systems - howtos, manuals and tutorials, softwares and online games with the pinguin, principal and alternative distributions, that work through CD or DVD, desktop environments GNOME, KDE, X Window Maker, installation & configuration


Free Software - Repository of Open Sources and Free Softwares, Office Applications suites, Graphics and Multimedia, Utilities for DBMSs and Internet, Network Tools, miscellaneous Source-Codes and Scripts for websites or portals, all programs based on Copyleft Licenses


Source-Codes, Free Software, Disassemblers, Scripts, Content Management Systems, Portals, Projects, e-Learning, Wiki, WebLogs, PhotoLogs, Albums of Photographs, Images Galleries, Orkuts, e-Commerce, Customer Services, Mailing Lists, Bulletin Boards, IRC - Chat


Tutorials for Webmasters (Java, WML, xHTML), Webdesigners (CorelDraw, Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Photoshop) and Client-Server Webdevelopers (ASP, Perl, PHP, Python, SQL), Flash and graphic generators, dHTML and JavaScript coders with CSS, Colors and ASCII Tables


Computer NetWorks - Tutorials, softwares and free online tools for computers networks administrators, since trace routes to configuration utilities of IP addresses, reverse DNS, domains routers or forwardings, upload and download speed tests to use with broadband access


Information Security - Free online tools for security in networks ( monitoring ) and/or personal computers ( scanners ), softwares Anti-Virus, Anti-Spywares, Firewalls, tutorials about DDoS attacks, Pretty Good Privacy, Secure SHell, Proxies, consultants and specialized websites


Institutes - Principal Faculties and Universities from World (temporarily only Brazil), Foundations and Institutions, Development and Research Institutes, Online Learning - Education through Internet, Training through Correspondence, Particular and Technical Schools


Jobs, Consulting for professionals in Human Resources, Companies for Trainees and anothers, specialized websites in help with employments, Interchanges, Job database banks, opportunities to work in portuguese or spanish and another languages or countries


Free online games ( Action, Adventure, Arcades, Sports, Puzzles, Shoot'em Up ), shareware Downloads, principal Developers and Publishers, tutorials for Development of Games ( open source, freeware ), Specialized websites ( in downloads, dedicated magazines )



Services, resources and softwares destined to the telephony with Voice over IP - SIP and Internet Protocol, Asterisk program, free or cheap international calls and SMS with apps for cell phones or tablets Android, iPad / iPhone, Windows Phone, others


Directory for downloads of Shareware, Freeware, Free Software of the Operating Systems or APIs: Android, BREW, BlackBerry OS - RIM OS, Embedded Linux, IPhone OS - OS X iPhone, JavaOS - Java ME, Palm OS - Garnet OS, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile / Phone


Video-Tutorials in english and other languages about: Operating Systems, Programming, Script and Markup Languages, Databases - DBMSs, Office, Internet and Graphic Applications, Audio & Video, and in another I.T. or Education areas - Powered by YouTube


News from some importants Information Technology channels & Periodicals, indexed with Atom, RSS, Syndication, using the XML language, magazines and newspapers of computer science in English, briefly personalized by users from Portal.TutorialOnLine.Biz


The principal online translators for texts and Internet websites: english (from USA or England), portuguese (from Brazil or Portugal), spanish (from Spain or another countries), french, italian, german, japanese


Open Directory - The Definitive Catalog of the Web - it is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors - integrated in the Portal.TutorialOnLine.Biz to speed up the access through all cached web pages in our server - Powered by Dmoz


Repository integrated to the Portal Tutorial On-Line's search system, that includes all available projects in the world, with or without source-codes, and the most Free Software - Powered by Freecode / Freshmeat & others


Encyclopaedia - All articles from the World Wide Wikipedia, alphabetically ordered: Portuguese, Spanish, Esperanto, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, English ( you can print, online translate or generate a file in PDF format ) - Powered by Wikipedia


Service with thousands of free games - in many categories ( Adventure & Action, Arcade, Casino, Flying games, Funny, Jump & Run, Logic, Racing, Shooting, Space, Sports ) with or without highscores

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