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Collaborators - Portal-TOL.net

  • Foreign Collaborators

Carlos Soares - Portugal (collaborator)

João P. Baptista - Portugal ( Author )

José A. M. Cordeiro - Portugal ( Author )

Vasco M. A. Lopes - Portugal ( Author )

  • Brazilian Collaborators

Alceu R. de Freitas Jr ( reviewer )

Alessandro C. Porto ( Author )

Alexander Oliveira ( Author )

Alysson Dias ( Professor, author )

Amanda M. Melo ( Author )

Anderson A. de Albuquerque ( Author )

André C. B. Soares ( Author )

Ariosto Freitas ( Author )

Cárlisson Galdino ( Author )

Carlos A. N. Susviela ( Author )

Cícero C. Quarto ( Author )

Daniel Dias ( Author )

Dinarte I. Kreutz ( Author )

Emanuel de F. Roza ( Professor, author )

Filipe A. M. Falcetta ( Author )

Francisco Cássio ( reviewer )

Fred Cox Jr ( Author )

Gleydson M. da Silva ( Author )

Helena C. S. Sacerdote ( Author )

Izaias Lisboa ( Author )

Jean C. de L. Lemos ( Author )

Jeanderson Cruz (collaborator)

José A. Cordeiro ( Author )

Leomar C. Mônego ( Author )

Lionardo F. Paiva ( Author )

Luciano R. de Almeida ( Author )

Luciano S. Cardozo ( Author )

M. J. Catalunha ( Engineer, author )

Márcio P. Baeta ( Author )

Milton C. Rocha ( Engineer, author )

Paulino E. N. Michelazzo ( Author )

Renato da Costa ( Professor, author )

Renato N. P. Avila ( Professor, author )

Ricardo L. da R. Monteiro (collaborator)

Ronaldo do Amaral ( Author )

Sérgio de A. Brunacci ( Author )

Sérgio L. Tonsig ( Professor, author )

Thiago V. Colares ( Author )

Viktor Mota ( Author )

Welington Fialho Jr ( reviewer )

William S. Yamamoto ( Author )

  • Collaborators in the Internet

Institutes, Organizations:

UFSM Universidade Federal Santa Maria

Informática Aplicada PUC Paraná

CCEN Univ. Federal de Alagoas

Universidade Castelo Branco

Educação Pública Gov. RJ

Projeto Software Livre RS

Interface Online DEC IPT

Dicas-L CCUEC Unicamp

Universitas - FEPI


Colégio Uberaba

Faculdade SPEI

Instituto ICESP

Internet Service Providers:

Amazon Corporation Acesso

WidePlanet Widesoft

Best Way Provider

Milenium Internet

Brasil em Rede

UNINet Unisys

Neosite iLogic

NWM Internet

Formatto Net

Canbras TVA

PSI Provedor

BaySide Net

Proserv Net

Kyotec BBS

iNet PSI

Professionals, Magazines:

Clube do Hardware Gabriel Torres

Laércio Vasconcelos Computação

Jornal Folha de São Paulo

Jornal da Tarde Estadão

VIT - Revista Virtual



Nota Bene Editora

Another Sites:

Biblioteca Virtual Formatto


DICAS da Semana


Universo Grátis

Serviços Grátis




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